Rebecca Berrigan

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Early detection of problems within a code base can save much effort and associated cost as time progresses. One method of performing routine assessment of code with a view to pre-emption of a decline in quality is to collect software metrics associated with code size and complexity. Despite the best efforts of the last decade to establish this type pf(More)
Coupling is considered by many to be an important concept in measuring design quality There is still much to be learned about which aspects of coupling affect design quality or other external attributes of software. Much of the existing work concentrates on direct coupling, that is, forms of coupling that exists between entities that are directly related to(More)
Most software engineering tools come with fixed functionality or limited plug-in extension capabilities. Building software development environments that support truly dynamic extension capabilities to incorporate a wide range of additional facilities at run-time has proved to be a very challenging task. We describe a new approach using Web service(More)
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