Rebecca Bergman

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The subject of sexuality among elderly patients with dementia was examined, focusing on two main aspects: the sexual behaviour of institutionalized elderly people with dementia; and the reactions of other patients, staff and family members to this behaviour. The behaviour was found to be mostly heterosexual and ranged from love and caring to romance and(More)
Tel Aviv University students' perceptions of nursing research activities were examined. Specifically, the research concentrated on attitudes, role perception, ability and behavioural intention to perform research in the future. It was found that nurses in all stages of their academic studies, viewed research activities favourably on all four measures.(More)
UNLABELLED This quality improvement project investigates the ethical dilemmas faced by nursing staff (ie, registered nurses, practical nurses, and nurse aids) using restraints for dementia patients in "realistic" and "idealistic" situations. RATIONALE There is a need to offer adequate care for a growing number of patients suffering from dementia and to(More)
Academic education for nursing has made a major impact on the development of nursing science, on the quality of nursing practice, and on the image of nursing. This was possible because of the close cooperation between education and nurses working in the various health services. Examples from several countries illustrate the process and outcomes of such(More)
In order to learn how geriatric centres were coping during the Gulf War (1991), questionnaires were distributed to 116 unit head nurses in 16 institutions in Israel. Additional information was obtained from the directors of nursing and national supervisors in a meeting 3 1/2 months after the cease-fire. Questions focused on organization of work, behaviour(More)
This study reviews the ethical dilemmas of nursing staff about using restraints on patients suffering from dementia in two types of health care settings in Israel: internal medicine wards of three general hospitals; and psychogeriatric wards of three nursing homes. The nurses' level of knowledge about the Patient's Rights Law, the Israeli Code of Ethics,(More)
Two-hundred and ninety-one working women in Israel were interviewed 7-9 months after childbirth. The mean number of months that they had breastfed was 2.03. The duration of breastfeeding increased with religiousity and higher education. Women born in Europe, primiparas and grandparas (4 + children) and those over the age of 40 breastfed longer. Most of the(More)
Although resistance to care can have a major impact on the provision of care, relatively limited research has been reported on the topic. This research examined differences in the use of interventions by nurses in different care settings to manage resistance to care with eating and dressing. A convenience sample of 50 nurses (34 working in psychiatric(More)