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Planar polarity decisions in the wing of Drosophila involve the assembly of asymmetric protein complexes containing the conserved receptor Frizzled. In this study, we analyse the role of the Van Gogh/strabismus gene in the formation of these complexes and cell polarisation. We find that the Strabismus protein becomes asymmetrically localised to the proximal(More)
Although we now have a wealth of information on the transcription patterns of all the genes in the Drosophila genome, much less is known about the properties of the encoded proteins. To provide information on the expression patterns and subcellular localisations of many proteins in parallel, we have performed a large-scale protein trap screen using a hybrid(More)
The entry of the sperm centrosome polarizes the anterior-posterior axis of the C. elegans zygote by inducing the formation of complementary cortical Par protein domains. Recent papers from the Seydoux and Grill laboratories (Goehring et al., 2011b and Motegi et al., 2011) reveal how two different symmetry-breaking mechanisms produce the same final pattern(More)
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