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Often, the only evidence of an offender’s identity comes from the memory of an eyewitness. For over 12 years, we have been developing software called EvoFIT to help eyewitnesses recover their memories of offenders’ faces, to assist police investigations. EvoFIT requires eyewitnesses to repeatedly select from arrays of faces, with ‘breeding’, to ‘evolve’ a(More)
Facial composites are traditionally made by witnesses and victims describing and selecting parts of criminals’ faces, but this method is hard to do and has been shown to be generally ineffective. We have been working on an alternative system called EvoFIT for the past 12 years. Much of the development for this system has been carried out in the(More)
  • Rebecca Atkins
  • Conference Proceedings LEOS'96 9th Annual Meeting…
  • 1996
Photoinduced Bragg grating in an optical fiber was made by Hill years ago, it wasn't until relatively recently that the field received intensive research interest. In 1989 Meltz et al. reported the formation of a grating using a holographic side-writing technique and the realization that this technique could be used to write well controlled structures into(More)
Competing aircraft and simulator manufacturers are currently incorporating dissimilar flight control systems into commercial aircraft and training equipment. In response to such industry developments, a recently emerging field of aviation training transfer research is examining the distinctiveness of conventional and alternate flight control systems and(More)
stability to /Mactamases (evinced by lower MICs against /Mactamase producing strains of Haemophilus and Staphylococcus) compared to 1. However, 2 was produced as a mixture of stereoisomers which were not easily separated and was therefore not promising for further study. Following the theme of 2-substitution, we subsequently discovered a series of bicyclic(More)
The progressive nature of the simulation industry requires advanced training techniques, the strategic core of which is the management of learning. A systematic approach to learning is further reliant on the development and implementation of effective evaluation strategies. Leaders in the field have identified the need for the re-development of evaluation(More)
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