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Applying the Varney shoulder brace for painful subluxating shoulders in stroke and head injury patients with or without spasticity has proved to be an extremely effective means of reducing the subluxed shoulder. Other causes for painful shoulders in these patients must be ruled out. Not every shoulder which subluxes with or without spasticity is painful.(More)
Reduced arterial compliance has been implicated as a risk factor for future cardiovascular events in hypertensive patients. Recently, several non-invasive techniques have been used to access arterial compliance. However, comparisons of these techniques with older individuals and African-Americans have not been done. In the present study, beat-to-beat blood(More)
Typically, blood pressure variability has been calculated by taking the simple mathematical standard deviations of a collection of discrete blood pressure (BP) measurements. Recently, spectral analytic techniques have been employed to examine beat-to-beat blood pressure variability and the underlying autonomic adjustments associated with the performance of(More)
A total of 23 infected or previously infected non-unions were treated by the Vidal-Adrey modification of the Hoffmann apparatus. The external fixators were applied after decortication and bone grafting either immediately in cases with no evidence of infection or later in cases of draining, infected wounds. The average healing time for these non-unions, that(More)
The use of a peritoneal catheter enhances diagnosis using arthroscopy by affording a clear visibility of the knee joint. The accuracy in diagnosis is significantly enhanced using this method of irrigation. No better method of irrigation is available for cases of acute knee joint injuries.