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Pediatric cataract of the congenital type is the most common form of childhood blindness and it is clinically and genetically heterogeneous. Mutations in 22 different genes have been identified to be associated with congenital cataracts, and among them, eight mutants belong to αA-crystallin. To explain how mutations in αA-crystallin lead to the development(More)
The development of breast cancer is linked to the loss of estrogen receptor (ER) during the course of tumor progression, resulting in loss of responsiveness to hormonal treatment. The mechanisms underlying dynamic ERα gene expression change in breast cancer remain unclear. A range of physiological and biological changes, including increased adipose tissue(More)
In the transition from paper to electronic workflow, the University of Colorado Health System’s implementation of a new electronic health record system (EHR) forced all clinical groups to reevaluate their practices including the infrastructure surrounding clinical trials. Radiological imaging is an important piece of many clinical trials and requires a high(More)
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