Rebecca A. Gregory

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Quantitative 124I PET imaging is challenging as 124I has a complex decay scheme. In this study the performance of a Philips Gemini dual GS PET/CT system was optimized and assessed for 124I. The energy window giving the maximum noise equivalent count rate (NECR) and NEMA 2001-NU2 image quality were measured. The activity concentration (AC) accuracy of images(More)
Iodine-123 mIBG imaging is widely regarded as a gold standard for diagnostic studies of neuroblastoma and adult neuroendocrine cancer although the optimal collimator for tumour imaging remains undetermined. Low-energy (LE) high-resolution (HR) collimators provide superior spatial resolution. However due to septal penetration of high-energy photons these(More)
Treatment options for patients with thyroid cancer that is no longer sensitive to iodine therapy are limited. Those treatments which currently exist are associated with significant toxicity. The SELIMETRY trial (EudraCT No 2015-002269-47) aims to investigate the role of the MEK inhibitor Selumetinib in resensitizing advanced iodine refractory differentiated(More)
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