Rebecca A. Colman

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Snow feedback is expected to amplify global warming caused by increasing concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases. The conventional explanation is that a warmer Earth will have less snow cover, resulting in a darker planet that absorbs more solar radiation. An intercomparison of 17 general circulation models, for which perturbations of sea surface(More)
The present study explored the relationship between psychosocial measures and the degree of coronary stenosis in a sample of 59 women between the ages of 39 and 84. Coronary occlusion was correlated with elevated cholesterol and marginally correlated with age and was inversely associated with years of education. Based on hierarchical multiple regression, an(More)
Global warming caused by an increase in the concentrations of greenhouse gases, is the direct result of greenhouse gas-induced radiative forcing. When a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide is considered, this forcing differed substantially among 15 atmospheric general circulation models. Although there are several potential causes, the largest(More)
Although the number of girls served by the juvenile justice system has grown dramatically, little is known about the adult offending patterns of delinquent girls and the factors associated with their persistence and desistance from adult crime. To address this gap, we prospectively track 499 girls (62% Black, 16% Hispanic) discharged from juvenile justice(More)
The present study examined the contribution of caregiving practices at ages 4–5 (Time 1) to children’s capacity for self regulation at ages 8–9 (Time 2). The multiethnic sample comprised 549 children of National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) participants. High levels of maternal warmth and low levels of physically punitive discipline at Time 1 were(More)
STOIC: a study of coupled model climatology and variability in tropical ocean regions Abstract We describe the behaviour of 23 dynamical ocean-atmosphere models, in the context of comparison with observations in a common framework. Fields of tropical sea surface temperature (SST), surface wind stress and upper ocean vertically averaged temperature (VAT) are(More)
This study reviewed 1,050 articles published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Journal of Psychiatry, and the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1982 and 1991/92. The NEJM included the fewest female subjects at both assessments (26.6% in 1982 and 36.5% in 1991/92), and one way analysis of variance showed a significantly(More)
  • Co-Ordinating Lead, Author B J Mcavaney, +75 authors J Stone
  • 2001
Contributing Authors K. AchutaRao, A. Arking, A. Barnston, R. Betts, C. Bitz, G. Boer, P. Braconnot, A. Broccoli, F. Bryan, M. Claussen, R. Colman, P. Delecluse, A. Del Genio, K. Dixon, P. Duffy, L. Dümenil, M. England, T. Fichefet, G. Flato, J.C. Fyfe, N. Gedney, P. Gent, C. Genthon, J. Gregory, E. Guilyardi, S. Harrison, N. Hasegawa, G. Holland, M.(More)
We compare seasonal changes in cloud-radiative forcing (CRF) at the top of the atmosphere from 18 atmospheric general circulation models, and observations from the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE). To enhance the CRF signal and suppress interannual variability, we consider only zonal mean quantities for which the extreme months (January and July),(More)
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