Rebecca A. Braff

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We present experimental results and modeling on the efficacy of dielectrophoresis-based single-particle traps. Dielectrophoretic forces, caused by the interaction of nonuniform electric fields with objects, have been used to make planar quadrupole traps that can trap single beads. A simple experimental protocol was then used to measure how well the traps(More)
Received Revised ABSTRACT Several satellite latent fault modes can cause errors that may not be removed by pseudorange corrections or be detected unless special augmentation-based integrity monitors are employed. The error classes resulting from satellite fault modes are distorted signal waveform, uncorrectable ephemeris error, excessive clock acceleration,(More)
We present modeling and experiments demonstrating quantitative single-particle trapping using dielectrophoresis-based (DEP-based) particle traps. Using microfabricated thin-film gold quadropole-electrode structures, we have measured the minimum fluid flow needed to dislodge captured polystyrene beads under a given set of conditions. This flow has been(More)
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