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A key interest in clinical diagnosis and pharmaceutical industry is to have a repertoire of noninvasive biomarkers to—individually or in combination—be able to infer or predict the degree of liver injury caused by pathological conditions or drugs. Metabolomics—a comprehensive study of global metabolites—has become a highly sensitive and powerful tool for(More)
Metabolomics research has evolved considerably, particularly during the last decade. Over the course of this evolution, the interest in this 'omic' discipline is now more evident than ever. However, the future of metabolomics will depend on its capability to find biomarkers. For that reason, data mining constitutes a challenging task in metabolomics(More)
A computer model of the enteric nervous system has been developed using MATLAB in order to determine the extent to which the nature of intestinal activity can be explained by our current understanding of the projections and connectivity of enteric neurons. The model is based on repeated, identical overlapping modules, each of which contains the same number(More)
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