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Intracellular movement is a fundamental property of all cell types. Many organelles and molecules are actively transported throughout the cytoplasm by molecular motors, such as the dimeric type V myosins. These possess a long neck, which contains an IQ motif, that allow it to make 36-nm steps along the actin polymer. Live cell imaging of the fission yeast(More)
In yeast, cytokinesis requires coordination between nuclear division, acto-myosin ring contraction, and septum synthesis. We studied the role of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe Bgs1p and Cfh3p proteins during cytokinesis under stress conditions. Cfh3p formed a ring in the septal area that contracted during mitosis; Cfh3p colocalized and co-immunoprecipitated(More)
Active Cdc42 is essential for the establishment of polarized growth. This GTPase is negatively regulated by the GTPase-activating proteins (GAPs), which are important for the spatial specificity of Cdc42 function. Rga4 is the only GAP described as negative regulator of fission yeast Cdc42. We report here that Rga6, another fission yeast Cdc42 GAP, shares(More)
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