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Synaptosomal phosphoglycerides were labeled after incubation with [1-14C]arachidonic acid, ATP, Mg2+, CoASH, and a small amount of 1-acylglycerophosphocholines. Under this incubation system, radioactivity was directed largely to diaclyglycerophosphocholines but diacylglycerophosphoinositols were also labeled to a lesser extent. Synaptosomes obtained after a(More)
Alleles of the silk fibroin locus from 22 inbred stocks of Bombyx mori were compared. Nineteen alleles differing from one another in length and internal sequence organization were distinguished. Individuals from a single stock generaly are homozygous for a particular allele, as judged by their gene restriction pattern and the length of the fibroin protein(More)
Presenilin proteins play critical roles in the proteolytic processing of both Notch and amyloid precursor protein (APP). Presenilin itself undergoes endoproteolytic processing to generate an N-terminal and C-terminal fragment. As demonstrated previously, overexpression of presenilin 1 (PS1) holoprotein does not change the levels of the N-terminal and(More)
Bombyx mori silkworms producing fibroin proteins of different lengths have been analyzed genetically and shown to possess variant alleles of a single fibroin gene. The structures of two alleles have been compared by using restriction endonuclease sites inside and outsite the fibroin gene as physical markers. We find that fibroins distinguishable on the(More)
The bacterial D-alanine carboxypeptidases (CPases) remove C-terminal D-alanyl residues from sugar-peptide cell wall precursors. The CPases have many characteristics in common with the high-M(r) penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) whose inhibition by beta-lactam antibiotics is lethal. The CPases are attractive as model PBPs, because of their relatively lower(More)
Glucose uptake is increased in hypertension. Thus we investigated Na+-glucose cotransporter (SGLT2) activity and expression in proximal tubules from renovascular hypertensive rats. Sham-operated rats, aortic coarctation rats, and aortic coarctation rats treated with either ramipril (2.5 mg.kg-1.day-1 for 21 days) or losartan (10 mg.kg-1.day-1 for 21 days)(More)
1. Early changes (0-44 hr) in liver and plasma lipid levels and in the rate of hepatic lipogenesis were measured in male chicks after a single intramuscular injection of oestradiol-17 beta. 2. Chick liver slices were employed to measure the rate of lipogenesis de novo using 3H2O and the rate of triacylglycerol synthesis from [9, 10-3H] palmitate at various(More)