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OBJECTIVE To study the integrity of the FSH receptor (FSHR) signaling pathway in granulosa-lutein cells at the time of egg retrieval and its relationship with the infertility diagnosis. DESIGN In vitro assays. SETTING University laboratory and private IVF center. PATIENT(S) Patients undergoing IVF: 35 controls (no ovarian factor, NOF), 28 poor(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the expression of mRNA for Kit ligand 1 (KL1), KL2, FSH receptor (FSHR), pregnancy-associated plasma protein (PAPP) and P450 in granulosa-lutein cells from IVF patients and its relationship with the infertility diagnosis and IVF outcome. DESIGN In vitro assays. SETTING University laboratory and private IVF center. PATIENT(S) A total(More)
Anticancer chemotherapy (CT) produces non-desirable effects on normal healthy cells and tissues. Oxaliplatin is widely used in the treatment of colorectal cancer and responsible for the development of sensory neuropathy in varying degrees, from complete tolerance to chronic neuropathic symptoms. We studied the differential gene expression of peripheral(More)
OBJECTIVE To correlate angiotensin II (AngII) receptor expression by granulosa-lutein (GL) cells from gonadotropin-stimulated follicles with infertility diagnosis and IVF parameters. DESIGN The mRNA of angiotensin receptors type 1 (AT1) and type 2 (AT2) was studied in aspirated GL cells. SETTING University laboratory and private IVF center. PATIENT(S)(More)
Oxidative stress (OS) plays an important role in all physiological processes. The effect of OS on cellular processes is modulated by the ability of the cell to express genes implicated in the reversal of lipid, protein, and DNA injury. Aldehyde dehydrogenase 3, member A2 (ALDH3A2) is a ubiquitous enzyme involved in lipid detoxification. The objective of(More)
Several mononuclear ruthenium(iv) complexes with phosphinous acid ligands [RuCl2(η(3):η(3)-C10H16)(PR2OH)] have been synthesized (78-86% yield) by treatment of the dimeric precursor [{RuCl(μ-Cl)(η(3):η(3)-C10H16)}2] (C10H16 = 2,7-dimethylocta-2,6-diene-1,8-diyl) with 2 equivalents of different aromatic, heteroaromatic and aliphatic secondary phosphine(More)
The Serum- and Glucocorticoid-induced Kinase 1, SGK1, exhibits a broad range of cellular functions that include regulation of the number of ion channels in plasma membrane and modulation of signaling pathways of cell survival. This diversity of functions is made possible by various regulatory processes acting upon the SGK1 gene, giving rise to various(More)
The synthesis and catalytic behavior of the osmium(II) complexes [OsCl2 (η6 -p-cymene)(PR2 OH)] [R=Me (2 a), Ph (2 b), OMe (2 c), OPh (2 d)] in nitrile hydration reactions is presented. Among them, the best catalytic results were obtained with the phosphinous acid derivative [OsCl2 (η6 -p-cymene)(PMe2 OH)] (2 a), which selectively provided the desired(More)
Ovarian aging is associated with gradual follicular loss by atresia/apoptosis. Increased production of toxic metabolites such as reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species as well as external oxidant agents plays an important role in the process of ovarian senescence and in the pathogenesis of ovarian pathologies such as endometriosis and(More)
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