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BACKGROUND Several studies have shown a growth in the number of visits to accident and emergency (A&E) hospital departments with a high proportion of inappropriate utilization. Methods to identify improper use based on implicit criteria limit the comparisons between hospitals. The aim of this study is to know the proportion of inappropriate attendance's in(More)
Background Emergency service workers are often exposed to trauma and have increased risk of a range of mental health (MH) conditions. Smartphone applications have the potential to provide this group with effective psychological interventions; however, little is known about the acceptability and preferences regarding such initiatives. Aims To describe the(More)
To my sister and brother who always make me feel proud of them, Ignacio who always strive to achieve everything, and Sara whose sweetness and peace make everybody feel happy. I Acknowledgements Many thanks to Karl Henrik Johanson for welcoming me in Control System Department. He always helped me with extremely patience. Many thanks also to my supervisor(More)
During recent years there has been a growing interest on several aspects regarding psychopathology in general and particularly with personality disorders, such as dual psychopathology, comorbidity and dimensional models. Going from the Eysenck's three-factor model to the Fiske's five-factor one, from the Cloninger's psychobiological model to the Millon's(More)
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