Reba K. Wright

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Differences in the mechanical properties of mammalian smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscle have led to the proposal that the myosin isozymes expressed by these tissues may differ in their molecular mechanics. To test this hypothesis, mixtures of fast skeletal, V1 cardiac, V3 cardiac and smooth muscle (phosphorylated and unphosphorylated) myosin were studied(More)
While the pubic symphysis and intracortical morphometry have provided successful results in estimating age at death, other methods and sites in the skeleton are needed to improve the accuracy of age estimation. This research is an attempt to develop a new age-determination technique by using the sternal extremity of the rib. The right fourth rib was(More)
Metamorphosis at the sternal extremity of the rib has already been established as a reliable indicator of age at death. Using a sample of white males, it was shown that an accurate estimation of age can be made by direct examination of the bone itself. However, because of sexual differences in hormonal production and dimorphism in the skeleton, the present(More)
The determination of age at death is an important part of physical and forensic anthropology. Techniques now in use vary from direct observation of a bone to microscopic examination of a given segment. This study introduces the sternal end of the rib as a new site for age estimation by direct observation. The sample consisted of 118 white male ribs of(More)
BACKGROUND Variability and logistic complexity of mechanical ventilatory support of acute respiratory distress syndrome, and need to standardize care among all clinicians and patients, led University of Utah/LDS Hospital physicians, nurses, and engineers to develop a comprehensive computerized protocol. This bedside decision support system was the basis of(More)
The lymphomyeloid organs and blood leukocyte populations of the leopard frog, Rana pipiens, undergo conspicuous changes during hibernation at 4 degrees C. Within the blood, spleen, thymus, jugular bodies, and bone marrow there was a progressive loss of hemopoietic populations resulting in a marked lymphocyte depletion. Termination of the 135-day hibernation(More)
We evaluated an enzymatic procedure for the automated determination of serum and urinary creatinine. The procedure was sensitive and precise for serum creatinine concentrations as low as 3 mg/L, and the standard curve was linear to 200 mg/L. Measurements of creatinine in clinical serum and urine specimens agreed with those obtained by two other enzymatic(More)
Most research on the aging process in the skeleton has not considered or elaborated differences that may exist between the races. Thus, techniques developed for the estimation of age assume that the racial background of the standards is compatible with the specimens to be assessed. However, racial differences in areas such as skeletal growth and bone(More)
The report is a discussion of previously published and newly analyzed results concerning the association between heart diseases and alterations in the force-frequency relation (FFR). The optimum stimulation frequency of the FFR is measured and compared in isolated left ventricular myocardium from nonfailing hearts with atrial septal defect, coronary artery(More)