Reay-Chen Wang

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This study develops a fuzzy multi-objective linear programming (FMOLP) model for solving the multi-product aggregate production planning (APP) decision problem in a fuzzy environment. The proposed model attempts to minimize total production costs, carrying and backordering costs and rates of changes in labor levels considering inventory level, labor levels,(More)
This study is to build a group decision-making structure model of flexibility in a manufacturing system development. The paper also proposes two algorithms for determining the degree of manufacturing flexibility (MF) in a fuzzy environment using a fuzzy linguistic approach. While evaluating the degree of MF, one may find the need for improving MF, and(More)
Supply chain management is a new and evolving paradigm for enterprises to cope with international competition and to improve global logistics efficiency. The suppliers’ performances affect not only supply chain execution results but also the profit capability and business survivability. However, suppliers’ performance assessment always involves a large(More)
The supply performance has the dynamic continuity behaviors which cover the past, present and future of time horizons. The assessment of supply performance possesses properties of uncertainty and inaccuracy, and is associated with multiple dimensions of supply behavior. Given the difficulty of executing the assessment with quantification, this study uses(More)
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