Reanne J Barnett

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Mitochondrial damage and dysfunction occur during ischemia and modulate cardiac function and cell survival significantly during reperfusion. We hypothesized that transplantation of autologously derived mitochondria immediately prior to reperfusion would ameliorate these effects. New Zealand White rabbits were used for regional ischemia (RI), which was(More)
Evaluation of the performance of the APACHE III (Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation) ICU (intensive care unit) and hospital mortality models at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane is reported. Prospective collection of demographic, diagnostic, physiological, laboratory, admission and discharge data of 5681 consecutive eligible admissions(More)
Recently we have shown that the cardioprotection afforded by cardioplegia is modulated by age and gender and is significantly decreased in the aged female. In this report we use microarray and proteomic analyses to identify transcriptomic and proteomic alterations affecting cardioprotection using cold blood cardioplegia in the mature and aged male and(More)
Right ventricular (RV) and left ventricular (LV) myocardium differ in their pathophysiological response to pressure-overload hypertrophy. In this report we use microarray and proteomic analyses to identify pathways modulated by LV-aortic banding (AOB) and RV-pulmonary artery banding (PAB) in the immature heart. Newborn New Zealand White rabbits underwent(More)