Rcnata E. Stofko-Hahn

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Postsynaptic densities (PSD) are a network of proteins located on the internal surface of excitatory synapses just inside the postsynaptic membrane. Enzymes associated with the PSD are optimally positioned to respond to signals transduced across the postsynaptic membrane resulting from excitatory synaptic transmission or neurotransmitter release. We present(More)
The type II cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) is localized to specific subcellular environments through binding of the dimeric regulatory subunit (RII) to anchoring proteins. Subcellular localization is likely to influence which substrates are most accessible to the catalytic subunit upon activation. We have previously shown that the RII-binding domains(More)
A 167 base pair DNA cassette has been constructed to facilitate the detection and purification of recombinunt proteins. This cassette, kfc, cncodcs three distinct peptide units: a phosphorylation site for (he CAMP-depcndeni protein base (PKA), called hemptidc, a factor Xa cleavage site, and a calmodulin-binding peptide. Expressed kfc fusio? proteins can be(More)
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