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Photon diffusion theory was used to model photobleaching and tissue necrosis resulting from broad-beam therapeutic light irradiation of tissue containing a photosensitizer. The photosensitizer fluorescence signal at the tissue surface was simulated with both broad-beam and pencil-beam excitation. The relationship between the decreasing fluorescence signal(More)
Glycerolated stalks of the sessile peritrich ciliate Carchesium sp. were treated with 10(-6) g ion/1 Ca2+ to disrupt the contractile spasmoneme. The resulting preparation consisted primarily of the fibrillar matrix, a dense extra-cellular meshwork of microfibrils. Some mechanical properties of this preparation have been investigated. The matrix tensile(More)
We consider the effects of using a fixed linear transformation to match positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data acquired simultaneously using a split-magnet system. Estimates of the frequency offset in MRI scans were used to calculate geometric variability in MRI reconstruction as a consequence of mis-setting this(More)
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