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Ultrasonic songs and stridulum anatomy of Asiophlugis crystal predatory katydids (Tettigonioidea: Meconematinae: Phlugidini)
ABSTRACT The behavioural ecology of ultrasonic-singing katydids is not well understood, and the general bioacoustics, barely known for a few Neotropical Meconematinae, tends to be overlooked forExpand
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A taxonomic study on the Bornean and Philippines Sword-tailed Crickets in the genus Rhicnogryllus Chopard, 1925 (Orthoptera: Trgonidiidae; Trigonidiinae).
Rhicnogryllus Chopard, 1925 is a small and relatively unknown group of Sword-tailed Cricket of the subfamily Trigonidiinae. This genus currently comprises 12 species from Asia, Africa (includingExpand
Ultrasonic bioacoustics and stridulum morphology reveal cryptic species among Lipotactes big-eyed katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Lipotactinae) from Borneo
Lipotactinae is an elusive monophyletic subfamily of katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) unique to Asia and comprising two genera – Lipotactes and Mortoniellus. Nearly nothing is known beyond theirExpand
Crickets of the subfamily Eneopterinae (Orthoptera: Grylloidea) from Sandakan, Sabah: one new species and calling songs of a sympatric species.
Orthoptera from Sandakan, Sabah are relatively understudied compared to some other parts of Borneo, and lack of information of species there can impede our understanding of the origins andExpand
New taxa of crickets (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Gryllinae, Phaloriinae and Pteroplistinae) from northern Borneo (Belait and Sandakan).
Three species new to science of the Gryllid subfamilies Gryllinae and Pteroplistinae are described from Brunei: (1) Mimicogryllus splendens Tan, Gorochov Wahab, sp. nov., (2) Pteroplistes bruneiensisExpand
Uncovering the Grylloidea and Tettigonioidea (Orthoptera: Ensifera) in the Forest Research Center (Sepilok) Entomological Collection.
Type specimens carry valuable information that can facilitate biodiversity research, especially in an era of mass extinction and unprecedent anthropogenic climate change. For Orthoptera, a fewExpand
New taxa of crickets (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Phaloriinae, Phalangopsinae, Itarinae and Podoscirtinae) from Borneo (Brunei Darussalam and Sandakan).
Three new species were described from Borneo: Itara (Bornitara) spinosa sp. nov. and Aphonoides duri sp. nov. from Brunei and Varitrella (Cantotrella) suikei sp. nov. from Sandakan in Sabah. WeExpand