Razvi Doomun

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The privacy of communicating entities in wireless ad hoc networks is extremely important due to the potential of their being identified and subsequently subjected to attacks (e.g., in military networks). Previously, the random walk and fractal propagation schemes have been proposed to address privacy of source and destination nodes in ad hoc or sensor(More)
The Bluetooth protocol can be used for intervehicle communication equipped with Bluetooth devices. This work investigates the challenges and feasibility of developing intelligent driving system providing timesensitive information about traffic conditions and roadside facilities. The architecture for collaborative vehicle communication system is presented(More)
  • R. Doomun
  • 2007 3rd IEEE/IFIP International Conference in…
  • 2007
The hype in the past few years for medium-size and large companies involved in service or solution delivery is about service-oriented-architecture (SOA). Web services respond to the need to provide loosely-couple software services to cater for the business needs. This involved further abstraction of software component by providing remote users an interface(More)
With the proliferation of high-speed wireless networking, the necessity for efficient, robust and secure encryption modes is ever increasing. But, cryptography is primarily a computationally intensive process. This paper investigates the performance and efficiency of IEEE 802.11i approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-Rijndael ciphering/deciphering(More)
The shift from an information society to a knowledge society require rapid information harvesting, reliable search and instantaneous on demand delivery. Information extraction agents are used to explore and collect data available from Web, in order to effectively exploit such data for business purposes, such as automatic news filtering, advertisement or(More)
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