Razvan V. Marinescu

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The event-based model constructs a discrete picture of disease progression from cross-sectional data sets, with each event corresponding to a new biomarker becoming abnormal. However, it relies on the assumption that all subjects follow a single event sequence. This is a major simplification for sporadic disease data sets, which are highly heterogeneous,(More)
We report several practical issues in the fabrication and high-temperature operation of micro suspended heating structures compatible with standard CMOS technology. Suspended microstructures are fabricated in a standard CMOS process and are released by post-process silicon etching. TMAH at 25 wt% with 15 vol% of IPA is found to greatly increase yield by(More)
Recent advances in reconstruction systems like KinectFusion allow us to quickly take 3D models of scenes in high quality using low-cost commodity RGB-D cameras. Unfortunately, creating models of whole buildings is difficult because simple geometry prevents camera tracking from traversing doors, and dri accumulated from small tracking errors degrades the(More)
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