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—Adding communication capabilities to vehicles and road infrastructure has become a major goal in the intelligent transportation systems industry. The IEEE 802.11p amendment has specially been conceived for the Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) architecture. In this paper we study the performance of this standard by the means of extensive(More)
Cellular communications are undergoing significant evolutions in order to accommodate the load generated by increasingly pervasive smart mobile devices. Dynamic access network adaptation to customers' demands is one of the most promising paths taken by network operators. To that end, one must be able to process large amount of mobile traffic data and(More)
Inter-vehicular communications are considered to be an efficient proactive approach for reducing the number and the consequences of road accidents. After a series of remarkable standardisation efforts, one of the last points needing to be addressed in order for safety vehicular networks to become a reality is the scalability problem of the CSMA-based medium(More)