Razvan Popovici

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The Pacific Northwest Geodesic Array at Central Washington University collects telemetered streaming data from 450 GPS stations. These real-time data are used to monitor and mitigate natural hazards arising from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and coastal sea-level hazards in the Pacific Northwest. Recent improvements in both accuracy of(More)
We propose a method for music genre classification based on a Self-Organizing Map (SOM) - type network. Music pieces are viewed as sequences of pitch and timbre signals. We define a similarity measure between these sequences, derived from the Levenshtein (edit) distance. In contrast to the standard Levenshtein distance, our similarity measure is able to(More)
Contemporary sensor data are generally large data streams, possibly at a high sampling rate, making data analysis and visualization complex and computationally intensive. We present a novel clustering method for the evaluation of signal data. We are interested in clustering the signals based on the similarity of their behavior (shape), which contains more(More)
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