Razvan Itu

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Recent developments in the mobile devices have made image processing on the go much more feasible. In this paper, we propose a monocular approach that can be deployed on smart phones and tablets and we evaluate its performance and the potential for further development of driving assistance system using mobile devices. This monocular approach relies on the(More)
The driving environment is complex and dynamic, and the attention of the driver is continuously challenged, therefore computer based assistance achieved by processing image and sensor data may increase traffic safety. While active sensors and stereovision have the advantage of obtaining 3D data directly, monocular vision is easy to set up, and can benefit(More)
This paper presents a generic obstacle detection system using single camera image sequence processing, for Android smart mobile devices. The algorithm relies on transforming the images into bird eye views of the scene using Inverse Perspective Mapping, followed by intensity based segmentation. The obstacle area hypotheses are used for updating a particle(More)
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