Razvan Gabriel Boboc

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Today's humanoid robots are used in many successful research topics. According to users needs these robots must be able to perform new tasks, and to adapt in a workspace. They have a similar appearance with human body. Thus the meaningful features of an humanoid robots are: the capability to imitate the user behavior, and the ability to learn new skills. In(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the newest technological domains with revolutionary applicability for the tomorrow’s Future Internet, including visions of the Internet of Things. The sensation of total immersion in Virtual Environment (VE) is still unresolved. Therefore, our work proposes a new omnidirectional locomotion interface for navigation in VEs. The(More)
This article describes the architecture of a system that assigns operation tasks to a team of mobile robots. The purpose of the system is the execution of a complex set of operations by a cooperative team of robots. The framework includes a simple and friendly interface that uses a WWW navigator. The robot team is equipped with a different set of(More)
In this paper a new method for face expression recognition is presented. Haar functions are used for face, eyes and mouth detection; edge detection for extracting the eyes correctly, and finally, Bezier curves to approximate the extracted regions. Then, a set of consecrated distances for each face type is extracted, set that will serve as training input for(More)
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