Razvan Dobre

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that "a picture is worth a thousand words". The emerge of digital media has taken this saying to a complete new level. By using steganography, one can hide not only 1000, but thousands of words even in an average sized image. This article presents various types of techniques used by modern digital steganography, as(More)
The emerging Internet Technology has led to the need of high level of security of data during its transmission. For this purpose steganography plays a major role in society. Steganography is basically the art of secretly hiding data or message in any cover medium such as an image, audio or video. Hence it allows secret communication to take place without(More)
This paper describes a framework for deploying virtual machines as jobs in a batch system. It also adds management features and the concept of template machines that can used for efficiently dispatching new instances. The technology used for virtualization is the open-source Kernel-based Virtual Machines supported by Red Hat, since the Qcow2 disk format(More)
This paper focuses on the evaluation of KVM options related to Input/Output performance. The technology developed by Red Hat offers many choices to the end user for configuring the interaction between the Virtual Machine and the real storage space. This document presents tests and recommendations in a bottom-up approach, starting with the virtual drive(More)
This paper describes an application that simulates a virtual 3D map of Romania together with the basic components used for extracting features from satellite images on hybrid computing architectures. The considered architectures are Intel Quad-Core Xeons handling post-transformation routines and decision making code and IBM PowerXCell 8i processors employed(More)
This paper describes a Weather Android application which shows the evolution of the meteorological parameters for a chosen location or along a route. This application helps the user to have a safety trip by avoiding dangerous climate changes. To increase the exactness of the prediction, the information is based on a high-resolution, short-term numerical(More)
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