Raziye Özdemir

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BACKGROUND A person-list-based family medicine model was introduced in Turkey during health care reforms. This study aimed to explore from primary care workers' perspectives whether this model could achieve the cardinal functions of primary care and have an integrative position in the health care system. METHODS Four groups of primary care workers were(More)
BACKGROUND The Turkish government has implemented several reforms to improve the Turkish Statistical Institute Death Reporting System (TURKSTAT-DRS) since 2009. However, there has been no assessment to evaluate the impact of these reforms on causes of death statistics. This study attempted to analyse the impact of these reforms on the TURKSTAT-DRS for(More)
Erratum We acknowledge that in the published work [1], we presented some of the data that was previously published by the Turkish Medical Association as a report in Turk-ish language [2] and inadvertently failed to include this paper in the reference list. We would like to clarify that the Turkish Medical Association has allowed us to reuse the data, tables(More)
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