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A Personal Area Network (PAN) is a feature of an Augmented Reality system, transmitting modified video for real-time display. In the paper, low-delay communication of encoded video over a Bluetooth wireless PAN is achieved by a combination of dynamic packetisation of video slices together with centralised and predictive rate control. The result is minimized(More)
In this paper, the capacity of OFDM/OQAM with isotropic orthogonal transfer algorithm (IOTA) pulse shaping is evaluated through information theoretic analysis. In the conventional OFDM systems the insertion of a cyclic prefix (CP) decreases the system's spectral efficiency. As an alternative to OFDM, filter bank based multicarrier systems adopt proper pulse(More)
In a Bluetooth piconet, congestion may arise as multiple flows pass via the master node across the shared wireless channel. While packet loss and delay are common measures of congestion, within a piconet the transmitter buffer fullness is a more suitable metric, as it more directly indicates congestion and the onset of congestion. For video traffic,(More)
—Low density signature orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (LDS-OFDM) is an uplink multi-carrier multiple access scheme that uses low density signatures (LDS) for spreading the symbols in the frequency domain. In this paper, we introduce an effective receiver for the LDS-OFDM scheme. We propose a framework to analyze and design this iterative(More)
In this paper, the mutual information transfer characteristics of turbo Multiuser Detector (MUD) for a novel air interface scheme, called Low Density Signature Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (LDS-OFDM) are investigated using Extrinsic Information Transfer (EXIT) charts. LDS-OFDM uses Low Density Signature structure for spreading the data symbols(More)