Razieh Razavi

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—Low density signature orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (LDS-OFDM) is an uplink multi-carrier multiple access scheme that uses low density signatures (LDS) for spreading the symbols in the frequency domain. In this paper, we introduce an effective receiver for the LDS-OFDM scheme. We propose a framework to analyze and design this iterative(More)
—In this paper, the capacity region of Low Density Signature Multiple Access Channel (LDS-MAC) is calculated through information theoretic analysis. LDS Code Division Multiple Access (LDS-CDMA) uses spreading sequences of low density for spreading the data symbols in time domain. This technique benefits from a less complex Multiuser Detector (MUD) compared(More)
—Low density signature for OFDM (LDS-OFDM) is able to achieve satisfactory performance in overloaded conditions, but the existing LDS-OFDM has the drawback of slow convergence rate for multiuser detection (MUD) and high receiver complexity. To tackle these problems, we propose a serial schedule for the iterative MUD. By doing so, the convergence rate of MUD(More)
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