Razieh Falahian

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Modeling real-world systems plays a pivotal role in their analysis and contributes to a better understanding of their behavior and performance. Classification, optimization, control, and pattern recognition problems rely heavily on modeling techniques. Such models can be categorized into three classes: white-box, black-box, and gray-box (Nelles, 2001).(More)
The precipitous advancements in the field of modeling of dynamical systems, which are the result of numerous relevant investigations, are the evidence of its fundamental importance. Not only does the modeling of the behavior of dynamical systems such as biological systems play an important role in the accurate perception and analysis of these systems, but(More)
The recent meteoric significant developments in the biological and medical sciences have been the culmination of substantial efforts devoted to precisely modeling the behavior of biological systems and their responses to various stimuli. The complicated interactions within varied components of biological systems as well as with their environments make them(More)
Initial estimation is a considerable issue in channel estimation techniques, since all of the following processes depends on it, which in this paper its improvement is discussed. Least Square (LS) method is a common simple way to estimate a channel initially but its efficiency is not as significant as more complex approaches. It is possible to enhance(More)
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