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Three Term Backpropagation(BP) Network as proposed by Zweiri in 2003 has outperformed standard Two Term Backpropagation. However, further studies on Three Term Backpropagation in 2007 indicated that this network only surpassed standard BP for small scale datasets but not for medium and large scale datasets. It has also been observed that by using Mean(More)
Crimes forecasting is an important area in the field of criminology. Linear models, such as regression and econometric models, are commonly applied in crime forecasting. However, in real crimes data, it is common that the data consists of both linear and nonlinear components. A single model may not be sufficient to identify all the characteristics of the(More)
As the widespread modus operandi in real applications, Backpropagation(BP) in Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) is computationally more powerful than standard feedforward neural networks. In principle, RNN can implement almost any arbitrary sequential behavior. However, there are many drawbacks in BP network, for instance, confinement in finding local minimum(More)
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