Razan Tajeddine

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We consider the problem of providing privacy, in the private information retrieval (PIR) sense, to users requesting data from a distributed storage system (DSS). The DSS uses an (n, k) Maximum Distance Separable (MDS) code to store the data reliably on unreliable storage nodes. Some of these nodes can be spies which report to a third party, such as an(More)
In Private Information Retrieval (PIR), one wants to download a file from a database without revealing to the database which file is being downloaded. Much attention has been paid to the case of the database being encoded across several servers, subsets of which can collude to attempt to deduce the requested file. With the goal of studying the achievable(More)
We consider the problem of designing PIR scheme on coded data when certain nodes are unresponsive. We provide the construction of ν-robust PIR schemes that can tolerate up to ν unresponsive nodes. These schemes are adaptive and universally optimal in the sense of achieving (asymptotically) optimal download cost for any number of unresponsive(More)
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