Razali Ismail

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Resistive switching effect in transition metal oxide (TMO) based material is often associated with the valence change mechanism (VCM). Typical modeling of valence change resistive switching memory consists of three closely related phenomena, i.e., conductive filament (CF) geometry evolution, conduction mechanism and temperature dynamic evolution. It is(More)
Ohm's law, a linear drift velocity response to the applied electric field, has been and continues to be the basis for characterizing, evaluating performance, and designing integrated circuits, but is shown not to hold its supremacy as channel lengths are being scaled down. In the high electric field, the collision-free ballistic transport is predicted,(More)
The rapid scaling of integrated circuit requires further shrinkage of lateral device dimension, which correlates with pillar thickness in vertical structure. This paper investigates the effect of pillar thickness variation on vertical double gate MOSFET (VDGM) fabricated using oblique rotating ion implantation (ORI) method. For this purpose, several(More)
The mobility and saturation velocity in the nanoscale metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) are revealed to be ballistic; the former in a channel whose length is smaller than the scattering-limited mean free path. The drain-end carrier velocity is smaller than the ultimate saturation velocity due to the presence of a finite electric(More)