Razaidi Hussin

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New architectures introduction succeeded in reducing the device performances dispersion in scaled transistors, but as a consequence the relative importance of oxide reliability increased. In this work we present original results of charged interface traps impact on bulk, FDSOI and Fin FETs performances. Traps time constants are analyzed and recoverable and(More)
This paper reviews the energy efficiency of several popular block-matching motion estimation algorithms that can be used in wireless video sensor network applications. Full search motion estimation provides the best image quality but requires high computing power. Therefore, only fast search algorithms are considered for deployment in wireless video sensor(More)
The factors contributing to the FET threshold voltage shift &#x0394;&#x03BD;<inf>th</inf> caused by charging of an individual trap, such as during Random Telegraph Noise (RTN), are discussed by analyzing device-calibrated simulation data. The &#x0394;&#x03BD;<inf>th</inf> distribution is observed to be a convolution of i) the position of the trap along the(More)
In this paper, we present a simulation flow based on TCAD model calibration against experimental transistor measurement and doping profile reverse engineering. Further the physical astatistical variability simulations at TCAD level are also adjusted to match the statistical measurement. This is folloed up by oxide wear out reliability characterization and(More)
Fourier transform infra red (FTIR) and energy band gap of potassium lithium borate glasses of different composition have been studied using Fourier FTIR and UV-VIS spectroscopy techniques. The glasses were melted in the alumina crucible in an electric furnace at 1100°C for 30 min until homogenous melt was obtained. The X-ray diffraction analysis was adopted(More)
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