Raza Ul-Mustafa

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A fundamental challenge in the design of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is to maximize their lifetimes especially when they have a limited and nonreplenishable energy supply. To extend the network lifetime, power management and energy-efficient communication techniques at all layers become necessary. In this paper, we present solutions for the data(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) can be represented by a set of logical clusters with clusterheads (CHs) acting like virtual base-stations, hence forming a wireless virtual backbone. The role of clusterhead is a temporary one, which changes dynamically as the topology or other factors affecting it change. Finding the minimal set of CHs is an NP-complete(More)
In a mobile environment, each mobile host should have a home agent on its home network that maintains a registry of the current location of the mobile host. This registry is normally updated every time a mobile host moves from one subnet to another. We study the tradeoff between the cost of updating the registry and the cost of searching for a mobile host(More)