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With the increasing volume of location-annotated content from various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, we now have real-time access to people's daily documentation of local activities, interests and attention. In this demo paper, we present CityBeat, a real-time visualization of hyper-local social media content for cities. The(More)
An increasing number of location-annotated content available from social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and others are reflecting users' local activities and their attention like never before. In particular, we now have enough available data to start extracting real-time local information from social media. In this paper, we focus on the(More)
The role of algorithms in the detection, curation and broadcast of news is becoming increasingly prevalent. To better understand this role we developed CityBeat, a system that implements what we call " editorial algorithms " to find possible news events. This fully functional system collects real time geo-tagged information from social media, finds key(More)
Challenges of the local context such as encouraging civic engagement and facilitating collaboration to address local issues have motivated researchers and practitioners to explore the role of technologies in supporting life in cities, neighborhoods, and local communities. The goal of this workshop is to open a discussion on how to design, build and study(More)
The Workshop on Computational Personality Recognition allowed participants to compare the results of their systems on a common benchmark. Unlike competitive shared tasks, the workshop did not focus just on performance, but rather on discovering which feature sets, resources, and learning techniques are useful in the extraction of personality from text.(More)
BACKGROUND In analysing the information received by a driver of a motor vehicle, the visual system has an important position because the majority of sensation is processed through it. In this study, experienced drivers (ED) and inexperienced drivers (ID) were compared concerning scan path on a racetrack. Our intention was to study the problem that within(More)
Fundamental changes of cockpit design in recent years, especially the transition from analogue to digital flight information systems and the use of colour-coded displays, lead to new demands on the visual system of the pilot. Twenty experienced pilots each participated in four 15-min sessions with a simulator program in the new Airbus 340 Simulator of the(More)
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