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Science in the age of Baroque
1. Ofer Gal and Raz Chen Morris: Baroque Modes and the Production of Knowledge.- A. Order.- 2. John Schuster: What Was the Relation of Baroque Culture to the Trajectory of Early Modern NaturalExpand
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Shadows of Instruction: Optics and Classical Authorities in Kepler's Somnium
Kepler's Somnium is a fantastical story about the world on the moon. It presents a heliocentric world-picture established through a total conversion of the meaning and place of observation in theExpand
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Empiricism Without the Senses: How the Instrument Replaced the Eye
The optical instruments developed through the seventeenth century allowed peering into the very far and the very small; a spectacle never before experienced. The telescope, and later the microscope,Expand
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From emblems to diagrams: Kepler's new pictorial language of scientific representation.
Kepler's treatise on optics of 1604 furnished, along with technical solutions to problems in medieval perspective, a mathematically-based visual language for the observation of nature. This language,Expand
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The Archaeology of the Inverse Square Law: (2) The Use and Non-Use of Mathematics
The following is the second part of our Archaeology of the Inverse Square Law. Together these papers examine the transformation of the inverse square ratio from its origins in a metaphysical image ofExpand
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The Archaeology of the Inverse Square Law: (1) Metaphysical Images and Mathematical Practices
The following paper, together with its sequel ("The use and non-use of mathematics"), is a study in the mathematization of nature. It looks into the history of one of the most emblematic achievementsExpand
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