Raz Abdulqadir

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A novel ferritin was recently found in Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries (PmFTN), a marine pennate diatom that plays a major role in global primary production and carbon sequestration into the deep ocean. Crystals of recombinant PmFTN were soaked in iron and zinc solutions, and the structures were solved to 1.65-2.2-Å resolution. Three distinct iron binding(More)
Ferritin from the marine pennate diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries (PmFTN) plays a key role in sustaining growth in iron-limited ocean environments. The di-iron catalytic ferroxidase center of PmFTN (sites A and B) has a nearby third iron site (site C) in an arrangement typically observed in prokaryotic ferritins. Here we demonstrate that Glu-44, a site C(More)
BFR (bacterioferritin) is an iron storage and detoxification protein that differs from other ferritins by its ability to bind haem cofactors. Haem bound to BFR is believed to be involved in iron release and was previously thought not to play a role in iron core formation. Investigation of the effect of bound haem on formation of the iron core has been(More)
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