Rayomand Vatcha

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Continuum manipulators, featuring “continuous backbone structures”, are promising for deft manipulation of a wide range of objects under uncertain conditions in less-structured and cluttered environments. A multi-section trunk/tentacle robot is such a continuum manipulator. With a continuum robot, manipulation means a continuous whole-arm(More)
One of the ultimate goals in robotics is to make high-DOF robots work autonomously in unknown changing environments. However, motion planning in completely unknown environments is largely an open problem and poses many challenges. One challenge is that in such an environment, the configuration-time space (CT-space) of a robot is not known beforehand. This(More)
This paper addresses continuous collision-checking of a high-DOF robot trajectory in a completely unknown and unpredictable environment (i.e., obstacles are unknown and their motions are also unknown). In [1], the authors introduced how to discover, if a robot at configuration q at a future time t is guaranteed collision-free or not using the novel concept(More)
On-line, efficient perception based on sensing is essential for an autonomous robot to operate in an unknown and unpredictable environment. An efficient on-line algorithm is introduced to determine whether a robot at a future time t and a configuration q will be guaranteed collision-free, directly from real-world sensor data of the robot's environment at(More)
For a robot to operate in a completely unknown environment, where obstacles are unknown and whether and how they move are also unknown, motion planning is largely an open problem. One essential challenge is how to guarantee that a robot can safely navigate in such an environment. We introduce a general approach to detect in real-time, based on sensing, if a(More)
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