Raynald Guilbault

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Optimization of mechanical components is an important aspect of the engineering process; a well designed system will lead to money saving during the production phase and better machine life. On the other hand, optimization actions will increase the engineering investment. Consequently, and since computer time is inexpensive, an efficient design strategy(More)
A B S T R A C T Numerous genotypic diversity measures (GDMs) are available in the literature to assess the convergence status of an evolutionary algorithm (EA) or describe its search behavior. In a recent study, the authors of this paper drew attention to the need for a GDM validation framework. In response, this study proposes three requirements(More)
Gearbox maintenance is not an easy task and conventional diagnostic techniques do not always provide suitable indication about failures. In this paper, tooth crack failures have been experimentally investigated. The mechanical system is composed of a two-stage gearbox with spur gears. Two depths of gear cracks are treated. Cyclostationnarity analysis of(More)
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