Raymundo Flores

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Early prediction of outcome after global hypoxia of the brain requires accurate determination of the nature and extent of neurological injury and is cardinal for patient management. Cerebral metabolites of gray and white matter were determined sequentially after near-drowning using quantitative 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) in 16(More)
AIM This retrospective study determined features associated with brain metastasis (BM) in women with breast cancer. PATIENTS & METHODS A total of 215 initially early breast cancer cases were included. We reviewed files and CT scan images of BM. RESULTS Median age was 47 years and most of our cases were stage III (58.6%), grade III (62.8%), ER negative(More)
PURPOSE Mammography is the cornerstone of breast cancer (BC) evaluation. This report investigates whether breast density (BD) and mammographic features of the tumor can provide information on both BC susceptibility to chemotherapy and other clinicopathologic features of locally advanced BC (LA BC). MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated mammography films and(More)
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