Raymond Webber

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The existence of the mu rhythm and its general anatomical and physiological relationships are well known. There are few data, however, regarding the details of its anatomical and physiological specificity. We implanted fronto-temporal subdural electrode grids in 9 patients with intractable epilepsy to facilitate their surgical management. A 7-11 Hz cortical(More)
Safe parameters for electrical cortical stimulation in humans are difficult to estimate from the animal experimental literature. We therefore examined the light microscopic histology at a total of 11 sites of direct subdural electrical stimulation, taken as part of anterior temporal lobectomies in 3 patients. Stimulations had been done through 3.175 mm(More)
Classic neurosurgical teaching holds that once the Rolandic fissure (Rf) has been located, there are distinct differentiated primary motor and sensory functional units confined within a narrow cortical strip: Brodmann's Areas 4 and 6 for primary motor units in front of the Rf and 3, 1, and 2 for sensory units behind the Rf. To test this assumption, we(More)
Carbapenem resistance in Gram-negative bacteria is on the rise in the United States. A regional network was established to study microbiological and genetic determinants of clinical outcomes in hospitalized patients with carbapenem-resistant (CR) Klebsiella pneumoniae in a prospective, multicenter, observational study. To this end, predefined clinical(More)
PURPOSE Ictal single-photon-emission computed tomography (SPECT) provides lateralization but has technical limitations: (a) a "truly ictal" injection must be shortly after seizure onset; (b) therefore, a seizure of brief duration may be missed; (c) more than one patient may need testing at any given time; (d) a trained health professional must stay next to(More)
A diffuse electrodecremental ictal pattern (DEP) has been associated with tonic seizures and, less often, with other forms of epilepsy and has been considered to reflect a generalized seizure disorder of diffuse cortical or subcortical (brainstem) origin. In some seizures associated with DEP, however, focal ictal manifestations have been observed. We(More)
Examiner diagnostic accuracy and response times were compared using subtraction and conventional radiography in a dog model. Osseous lesions were induced interproximally and through the mandibular buccal bone interradicularly and radicularly. Standardized preoperative and postoperative conventional radiographs of the induced lesions were compared to(More)
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