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A new numerical approach for modeling a class of flow-structure interaction problems typically encountered in biological systems is presented. In this approach, a previously developed, sharp-interface, immersed-boundary method for incompressible flows is used to model the fluid flow and a new, sharp-interface Cartesian grid, immersed boundary method is(More)
This paper describes a Virtual Environment system designed to aid in training interventional radiologists in inferior vena cava filter placement. It is being developed as part of a VE simulator for a number of surgical and interventional radiology procedures at the Laboratory for Advanced Computer Applications in Medicine at the George Washington(More)
Techniques that originate in computer graphics and computer vision have found prominent applications in the medical domain. In this paper, we have seamlessly developed techniques from computer graphics and computer vision together with domain knowledge from medicine to develop an image guided surgical system for medialization laryngoplasty. The technical(More)
Cryotherapy is a treatment modality that uses a technique to selectively freeze tissue and thereby cause controlled tissue destruction. The procedure involves placement of multiple small diameter probes through the perineum into the prostate tissue at selected spatial intervals. Transrectal ultrasound is used to properly position the cylindrical probes(More)
The purpose of our project is to develop an image guided system for the medialization laryngoplasty. One of the fundamental challenges in our system is to accurately register the preoperative 3D CT data to the intraoperative 3D surfaces of the patient. In this paper, we will present a combined surface and fiducial based registration method to register the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To provide a realistic experience of lower urinary tract endoscopic procedures, we have developed and continue to expand a computer-based surgical simulator that incorporates a surgical tool interface with anatomic detail and haptic feedback. METHODS Surface-based geometric data for the lower urinary tract were generated from the(More)
Magnesium(Mg)-deficiency, whether dietary or an effect of a clinical condition such as diabetes, results in a variety of cardiovascular pathologies. Substance P (SP) has been implicated in the induction of cardiac focal inflammatory lesions that occur during Mg-deficiency. Blockade of SP receptors results in a significant reduction in the incidence of(More)
The medialization laryngoplasty is a surgical procedure to improve the voice function of the patient with vocal fold paresis and paralysis. An image guided system for the medialization laryngoplasty will help the surgeons to accurately place the implant and thus reduce the failure rates of the surgery. One of the fundamental challenges in image guided(More)
The binding of intravenously administered prolactin to choroid plexus and brain tissue was determined radioautographically in the ring dove, a species that exhibits prolactin-induced alterations in brain function. An intense autoradiographic reaction was detected over the epithelial cells of the choroid plexus 5 min after the intravenous injection of(More)