Raymond W. Smith

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A new hybrid page layout analysis algorithm is proposed, which uses bottom-up methods to form an initial data-type hypothesis and locate the tab-stops that were used when the page was formatted. The detected tab-stops, are used to deduce the column layout of the page. The column layout is then applied in a top-down manner to impose structure and(More)
The paper explains how an Optical Character Recognition system (OCR) works and how this system enables us in capturing an image of a text document. It also explains how OCR is more efficient and easier alternative to scanning a document using a scanner as the image captured using OCR is of exactly the same quality like its scanned copy, the only difference(More)
Solders' formulations activated with Ti, Ce, Mg and Ga have been developed for optimum joining to silicon and SiO<sub>2</sub>. These solders are being evaluated for the attachment of copper and/or aluminum buss strips to the back planes of silicon photovoltaic cells without a need for solder pads. Active solders are melted and disrupted to create a strong(More)
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