Raymond T. Jones

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OBJECTIVE To study the effects of a comprehensive discharge planning protocol, designed specifically for the elderly and implemented by nurse specialists, on patient and caregiver outcomes and cost of care. DESIGN Randomized clinical trial. SETTING Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. PATIENTS 276 patients and 125 caregivers. Patients were 70(More)
Striatal neurons are known to express GABA(A) receptor subunits that underlie both phasic and tonic inhibition. Striatal projection neurons, or medium spiny neurons (MSNs), are divided into two classes: MSNs containing the dopamine D1 receptor (D1-MSNs) form the direct pathway to the substantia nigra and facilitate movement while MSNs expressing the(More)
Sequence analysis of epsilon and gamma genes and encoded globins and high-pressure liquid chromatography analysis of globin compositions in blood hemolysates obtained from embryos, fetuses and adults show that the prosimian primate Galago crassicaudatus expresses its epsilon and gamma genes only embryonically. Since rabbit, mouse and galago all have(More)
Although exposure to estrogen may directly influence or modify the association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer risk, results from epidemiologic studies examining the association between reproductive and hormonal factors and risk of lung cancer among women have been inconsistent. Between 1998 and 2008, 430 women diagnosed with nonsmall cell lung(More)
p53 mutations are common in human lung cancer and frequently generate levels of p53 protein that are detectable by immunohistochemistry. For this reason, p53 protein accumulation is a candidate biomarker, but little is known about its timing or frequency in multistage bronchial carcinogenesis. We studied human lung tissues containing preinvasive squamous(More)
The interactive effects of soil texture and type of N fertility (i.e., manure vs. commercial N fertilizer) on N(2)O and CH(4) emissions have not been well established. This study was conducted to assess the impact of soil type and N fertility on greenhouse gas fluxes (N(2)O, CH(4), and CO(2)) from the soil surface. The soils used were a sandy loam (789 g(More)
Accurate assessment of N(2)O emission from soil requires continuous year-round and spatially extensive monitoring or the use of simulation that accurately and precisely predict N(2)O fluxes based on climatic, soil, and agricultural system input data. DAYCENT is an ecosystem model that simulates, among other processes, N(2)O emissions from soils. The purpose(More)
Structural characterization of a new variant of human hemoglobin (adult), designated hemoglobin Freiburg, indicates the deletion of the valyl residue No. 23 from an otherwise normal beta-chain. The formula may be written (alpha2)beta(2)(23val-0). The abnormal hemoglobin is present with hemoglobin A in the proposita and in two of her three living children,(More)