Raymond Scurr

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Most adult patients with acute non-lymphoblastic leukaemia (ANLL) relapse with drug resistance. Overexpression of a plasma membrane protein, P-glycoprotein, correlates with multidrug resistance in human and animal cell lines. We have detected a multidrug resistance phenotype in two patients with drug resistant ANLL by an immunocytochemical assay using a(More)
Leukaphereses were performed on the intermittent flow cell separator (Haemonentics Model 30) using citrated dextran 150 as a macromolecular agent to improve separation of granulocytes. A mean of 1.77 X 10(10) granulocytes and 7.73 X 10(11) platelets were obtained without steroid stimulation and 2.65 X 10(10) granulocytes and 8.91 X 10(11) platelets were(More)
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