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Our measurements have bearing on the resolution with which maps can be constructed and abnormalities can be detected by studying the proximity of DNA sequences in metaphase and interphase chromosomes. The results of our analyses are summarized in Figure 8. Metaphase chromosomes are compacted sufficiently that it is impractical to order sequences separated(More)
The folding of chromatin in interphase cell nuclei was studied by fluorescent in situ sequences chromatin according to a random walk model. This model provides the basis for calculating the spacing of sequences along the linear DNA molecule from interphase distance measurements. An interphase mapping strategy based on this model was tested with 13 probes(More)
We demonstrate the anomalous Hall effect (AHE) in single-layer graphene exchange coupled to an atomically flat yttrium iron garnet (YIG) ferromagnetic thin film. The anomalous Hall conductance has magnitude of ∼0.09(2e(2)/h) at low temperatures and is measurable up to ∼300  K. Our observations indicate not only proximity-induced ferromagnetism in(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present study has been the evaluation of the incomplete chromosome aberrations induced after alpha-particle irradiation by the simultaneous detection of all centromeres and telomeres present in human lymphocytes. Moreover, a study on the lengths of the different acentric fragments is presented. MATERIALS AND METHODS Attached(More)
The electrical transport properties of graphene are greatly influenced by its environment. Owing to its high dielectric constant, strontium titanate (STO) is expected to suppress the long-range charged impurity scattering and consequently to enhance the mobility. However, the absence of such enhancement has caused some controversies regarding the scattering(More)
The induction of DNA double strand breaks by ionizing radiation, and enzymatic double strand break repair or misrepair, are modeled as continuous time Markov chains. Systems of partial differential equations for appropriate probability generating functions are solved by singular perturbation theory with scaling. The zero-th order singular perturbation(More)
Effect of americium-241 alpha-particles on the dose-response of chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes analysed by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Int. Antioxidant mechanisms of polyphenolic caffeic acid oligomers, constituents of Salvia officinalis. Kinetic study of flavonoid reactions with stable radicals. The European radiobiology archives(More)
We calculate the loss and confinement factors of modes in terahertz quantum cascade laser structures at frequencies of 1-4 THz. The determination of the total loss splits naturally into the calculation of free carrier losses in the active region and the waveguide losses. For both, we employ the Drude model. In the case of waveguide losses, we incorporate it(More)
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