Raymond S Wilson

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Height and weight measurements for a large sample of twins from birth to nine years were used to construct growth curves for this period. Compared to singletons, twins were substantially smaller at birth, particularly for weight (30% deficit), but the latter showed a dramatic recovery in the first 3 months, then smaller increments until finally reaching the(More)
Recent pregnancy correlates with decreased survival for breast cancer patients compared with non-pregnancy-associated breast cancer. We hypothesize that postpartum mammary involution induces metastasis through wound-healing programs known to promote cancer. It is unknown whether alternatively activated M2 macrophages, immune cells important in wound-healing(More)
Proper grading of the cribriform prostate cancer pattern has not previously been supported by outcome-based evidence. Among 153 men who underwent radical prostatectomy, 76 with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) failure (≥0.2 ng/mL [0.2 μg/L]) were matched to 77 without failure. Frequencies of high-grade patterns included fused small acini, 83.7%; papillary,(More)
Heights and weights were analysed for 636 twins who had been repeatedly measured from birth to 4 years. MZ twins were less concordant for birth weight than DZ twins, principally as a result of a few MZ pairs who exhibited very large differences. By one year of age, however, MZ twins had become more concordant for weight (Rmz = 0-87) while DZ twins moved(More)
The functional unit of the mammary gland has been defined as the epithelial cell plus its microenvironment, a hypothesis that predicts changes in epithelial cell function will be accompanied by concurrent changes in mammary stroma. To test this hypothesis, the question was addressed of whether mammary stroma is functionally altered by the anti-oestrogen(More)
Eleven chronic treatment-resistant schizophrenic in-patients were treated with haloperidol (HPL) or placebo with a fixed ascending dose schedule for 20 weeks. Seven patients relapsed and were withdrawn and five of these re-entered, single-blind, on known active treatment. Two weekly clinical ratings and weekly serum HPL levels were carried out throughout(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the precise location of prostate cancer within the gland and thus possibly permit more aggressive therapy of the lesion, while potentially sparing the noncancerous gland from ablative therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three-dimensional "solid" computer models were reconstructed for 86 autopsy specimens and 20 stage T1c radical(More)
Substance use disorders constitute a serious and persistent threat to military readiness and to the health and safety of military personnel and their families. Methamphetamine is among the most addictive and damaging of commonly abused drugs; this is of great concern for military health providers in Hawaii due to the unusually high prevalence in the local(More)
We demonstrated in 2011 that 61% of men with postoperative PSA failure had some cribriform pattern of prostate cancer, versus 16% of nonfailures (OR = 5.89, P < .0001). That study used digitized radical prostatectomy slides from 153 men, 76 failures (≥0.2 ng/mL) matched to 77 nonfailures. The current study's hypothesis: pseudolumen size and shape(More)