Raymond S. Weitzman

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Following a number of radiologic and surgical procedures for the treatment of oral cancer, a patient with severe facial disfigurement and alteration of the vocal tract acquired acceptable speech. Consultation among referring physicians and speech pathologists can aid such a patient by facilitating the rehabilitative process through improvement of(More)
Using the concept formation paradigm, two series of experiments were conducted to test the hypothesis that the critical band (CB) was a factor in learning to make absolute discriminations of vowels. The specific hypothesis being examined was that the CB is a psychoacoustic boundary in learning to make vowel categorizations, and that learning absolute(More)
A major focus of research on language acquisition in infancy involves experimental studies of the infant's ability to discriminate various kinds of speech or speech-like stimuli. This research has demonstrated that infants are sensitive to many fine-grained differences in the acoustic properties of speech utterances. Furthermore, these empirical findings(More)
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