Raymond S. T. Lee

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In this paper, an elastic graph dynamic link model (EGDLM) based on elastic contour matching is proposed to automate the Dvorak technique for tropical cyclone (TC) pattern interpretation from satellite images. This method integrates traditional dynamic link architecture (DLA) for neural dynamics and the active contour model (ACM) for contour extraction of(More)
In the past few decades, neural networks have been extensively adopted in various applications ranging from simple synaptic memory coding to sophisticated pattern recognition problems such as scene analysis. Moreover, current studies on neuroscience and physiology have reported that in a typical scene segmentation problem our major senses of perception(More)
Financial predictions, such as stock forecasts, is always one of the hottest topics for research studies and commercial applications. With the rapid growth of Internet technology in recent years, e-finance has become a vital application of e-commerce. However, in this “sea” of information, made available through the Internet, an “intelligent” financial(More)
In this paper, we present an automatic and integrated neural network-based tropical cyclone (TC) identification and track mining system. The proposed system consists of two main modules: 1) TC pattern identification system using neural oscillatory elastic graph matching model (NOEGM); and 2) TC track mining system using hybrid radial basis function (HRBF)(More)
There is growing interest in using intelligent software agents for a variety of tasks, including navigating and retrieving information from the Internet and from databases, online shopping activities, user authentication, negotiation for resources, and decision making. We propose an integrated framework for information retrieval and information filtering in(More)